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Commercial Debt Negotiations

Commercial debt negotiation, or business debt settlement, is the process of reducing business payables and/or reducing the amount of outstanding debt to business creditors.   It lets businesses get back on track without the complexity and costs of bankruptcy, and, therefore, is a strong alternative to bankruptcy.
As a result of the economic downturn, many business owners are now facing reduced cash flow and finding it difficult to stay current on their loans, or businesses are now trapped with commercial mortgages secured by properties that no longer carry the value they once had.   Paradigm Law, P.L.C. represents businesses and business owners to negotiate debts with the business's creditors, which can include a modification of the terms of the loan, or a full settlement of the loan at a reduced amount.   Retaining an attorney to work with your creditors provides you with a representative working on your behalf, while protecting your legal rights.

Specifically, Paradigm Law offers the following:

  • Provide competent and zealous representation on behalf of your business
  • Prepare cost-effective and feasible strategies for your  business to promote financial stability, such as conducting a thorough analysis of the value of your debt versus the actual debt amount and the debt should be settled for, or preparing a economical proposal to your creditor offering a negotiation of the terms of your loan
  • Perform all creditor contact, allowing the business to focus on building revenue and profits
  • Protect the business and business owners’ assets
  • Satisfy creditors within your financial means

Contact Paradigm Law, P.L.C. for a free consultation at 703-651-6811.  We will provide a no-obligation review of your debt situation and provide you a valuable and objective assessment of your business finances.

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