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Depending on your income, debt, and other circumstances, bankruptcy may be the option for you.   Because of the economic downturn and resulting recession, bankruptcy does not carry the stigma that it once did, and it has permitted individuals to move forward and succeed more than ever before.

Bankruptcy may be right for you if:
-You have considerable consumer debt (i.e. credit card debt, loans, medical bills, etc.) and can only afford to make the minimum payments or no payment at all.
-You have judgments arising from lawsuits entered against you.
-You are in danger of having your wages garnished.
-You are in danger of having your car repossessed.

-You are facing foreclosure

Filing bankruptcy may provide for forgiveness of most of the past due debts mentioned above, grants you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy a fresh financial start.  However, it is important to keep in mind that filing for bankruptcy does not provide forgiveness of certain debts including the following:

-Domestic support obligations such as child support and alimony
-Certain tax debts
-Student loans (in most cases)
-Damages or restitution for willful or intentional acts
-Court fines or penalties

Chapter 7 for Individual Consumer Debtors

Chapter 7, a liquidation proceeding, is the most common form of bankruptcy.

An initial consultation is required to evaluate your financial situation.  Your debts, income, expenses and personal property will be assessed in order to ascertain whether a Chapter 7 filing is the best course of legal action for you.  If we determine bankruptcy is in your best interest, we will gather your information and prepare a bankruptcy petition on your behalf.  Once the bankruptcy petition has been filed and the requisite hearings are held, most of your debts will be discharged and you will have a new beginning.

Of course, bankruptcy will have a bearing on your credit for a period of time.  However, in the long term, bankruptcy has been a favorable resolution for many, and has given much needed peace of mind.  Call us at 703-651-6811 to see if bankruptcy is the resolution for you. 

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